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Wow is all I can say about these candies.  I ordered a large batch of Loni Loo's chocolates for my officemates, and I only was able to get one for myself, they ate them ALL!!  These candies are so deelish, the perfect mix of sweet and salty with some crunchiness to boot.  I am going to order another order and this time I am only bringing in a few to work, these things are addictive.  If you are a fan of chocolate candies e.g. Turtles, truffles, etc you will really like these.

On another note, I always like to support small businesses, and this is a small business with great customer service, quick shipping, and a great product.  I highly recommend Loni Loo's to anyone for a yummy treat at home, to share with your coworkers, or as a gift for someone.

Trenicia W. , San Francisco, CA


I bought a large order of Loni Loo's for my office and they went so fast I barely got a few for myself. The packaging was really nice and unique...and the order was ready almost immediately. The candies came in white, dark, and (my fav) milk chocolate...and the candies are so good I have to give myself a prep talk to stop eating them all up at once!!!

My coworkers are all looking forward to our next batch and I'll definitely be sending some packages out to clients this year as gifts.

Thank you Loni Loo's!!!

Michael M. , Chicago, IL

BITE SIZE BLESSINGS!!!!! Each candy  is delightful and delicious. No matter where you are or what your doing one bite of this candy and you begin to have a moment of pure bliss. This candy is truly the best kept secret in town!

Latanya D. , Naperville, IL

Addictive, delicious, and just the right size for a treat without being too much.  I love every one of the choices, dark, milk and white.  I wish I had some more right this moment.  Such a perfect mix of smooth and crispy, with nuts too! Yum!

Carla R., New Orleans, LA

The packaging in lovely.  The candy is a delightful concoction of chocolate, nuts, and pretzels.  So yes, it is a wonderful balance of salty sweetness.  It's a sweet treat that's hard to put down .  Just like potato chirps you have to eat more than one.

Lois M., Troutdale, OR

These homemade candies are delectable and affordable; the chocolate is always so rich!  My favorite are the WHITE chocolate candies.  I also love the cute packaging- each candy is wrapped and sealed with the cute Loni Loo's logo!  I hear  the owner is from New Orleans, so you know it has to be PHENOMENAL!  Those New Orleanians know good food!

Elle P. Okeechobee, FL